Kitteh (captainmeow) wrote,

Lolita wishlist and acquired items~

Just to keep track of what I have or had in my loli adventure~

Dresses I REALLY want the most.

1. AP's "Tea Party of Cats" jsk in pink.
2. AP's "Dream Sky" re-release salopette in lavender.
3. AP's "Dreamy Doll house" salopette in lavender or pink.
4. ETC's "Falling Alice/Wonderland" jsk in any color?

"Other" stuff that I want.

1. AP's "Marshmallow Bunny" socks in pink and blue.
2. AP's "Fancy Box" socks in pink and white.
3. AP's "Petit Patisserie" socks in pink.

Here is a list of things I have acquired so far in my lolita journey~ :D If the item is slanted out, that means I no longer own it.

Dresses and skirts.

1.ETC's "Marche" skirt in blue.
- Aatp's "Vampire Requiem" skirt in ivory.
Btssb's "Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry" jsk in white.
2. IW's "Little Lady" skirt in sax.
- Meta's Sailor OP in white. 
IW's "Puppy" jsk in black.
3. Lief's "Aster Cafe" skirt in mint.
- Putu's stripe, vest and bustle one piece in black and purple.
- A&tp's "Apple Princess" dress in black.
4. Meta's "Candy Star Rabbit" skirt in navy.
-Btssb's "Paris Princess Drop" jsk in black.
Meta's "Romantic Train" OP in green
5. SS' VM "Fairy Chiffon Doll" replica dress in cream.
6. Meta's "Tales of the Woods" jsk in black.
7. Meta's "Honey Picnic" jsk in mint.
Btssb's "Friend Usakumya Judy" jsk in mint.
8. Btssb's "Mary's Sweet Sheep" skirt in black.
- Btssb's "Dessert" OP in sax.
9. Btssb's "Snow White" skirt in white.
10. AP's "Milky Way" skirt in black and blue.
- Aatp's "Hide and seek with Missin' Alice" OP in blue.
11. Aatp's "Vampire Requiem" jsk in black.
Lief's "Aster Cafe" jsk in black.
- F+F's Sailor OP in navy.
Aatp's "Marine Rose" OP in navy.
12. AP's "Wonder Story" collar jsk in black.

- AP's "Milky Way" jsk in black and blue.
13. Btssb's "Twinkle Dreaming Princess" jsk in navy.
14. Lief's "Garden Berries" skirt in yellow.
- Aatp's "Treasure hunt in the mystic island" skirt in aqua.
- BQ's "Pearl drops on dry flowers" jsk in sea foam black.
15. Aatp's "Sleeping Beauty" skirt in navy.
16. AP's "Dream Fantasy" jsk set in sax
17. AP's "Little Bears Cafe" mini skirt in mint.
18. AP's "Marshmallow Bunny" jsk in pink.
19. Meta's "Tales of the Woods" skirt in white.
- IM's "Nameless Poem" OP in black.
AP's "Royal Chocolate" salopette in white.
20. AP's "Cosmic" skirt in pink.
21. AP's "Dream Fantasy" salopette in pink.
22. Btssb's "Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito" jsk in pink.
23. AP's "???" jsk in lavender.
24. AP's "Dream Fantasy" salopette in blue.

"Other" stuff.

-Btssb, "Gloomy Bear" apron in pink.
1. Btssb's "Usakumya" pouchette in pink.
2. Btssb's "Bunny" pouchette in pink.
3. AP's "Toy Fantasy Giraffe" necklace.
4. BL's "Loli Petit Fawn" cutsew in pink.
5. AP's "Heart Emblem Sailor" cutsew in pink.
6. BL's short, sleeve blouse in black.
7. DC's short, sleeve cutsew in sax.
8. Btssb's "Friend Kumya-chan" applique cardigan in off white.
9. AP's "Strawberry" necklace in pink.
10. AP's "Sailor" cutsew in white.
11. Btssb's "Friend Usakumya" socks in pink.
12. Meta's laced top, socks in black.
13. Btssb's "Gloomy Bear" socks in white.
Btssb's "Usakumya", two way jacket in pink.
14. Btssb's "Sophie" phone strap.
15. Btssb's "Roco-Pigmin" cutsew in white.
16. AP's "Little Bear's Cafe" coin pouch in pink.
17. AP's "Little Bear's Cafe" coin pouch in green.
18. AP's "Rabbit" wristcuffs in pink.
19. AP's "Tokimeki" necklace in blue.
20. Meta's "Rabbit" hair combs in pink.
21. AP's "Honey Cake" ring.
-AP's "Strawberry-chan" bangle in pink.
22. AP's "Wonder Cookie" ring in pink.
AP's "Wonder Cookie" bangle in pink
23. AP's "Tokimeki" headband in blue
24. Btssb's head bow in black.
25. AP's "Sweet Berry" socks in pink.
26. AP's "Wrapping Ribbon" OTK in lavender.
27. AP's "Lady Rose" OTK in blue.
28. AP's star bag, replica in sax.
29. AP's "Little Bear's Cafe" parka in pink.
30. Btssb's "Usakumya" pen in white.
AP's "Donut Bear" cardigan in white.
31. Btssb's "Lillian" phone strap.
32. AP's "Dream Fantasy" cutsew in sax.
33. AP's "Dream Fantasy" cutsew in black.
34. AP's "Marshmallow Bunny" necklace in sax.
35. AP's "Marshmallow Bunny" socks in ivory.
36. AP's "Marshmallow Bunny" head bow in pink.
37. AP's "Marshmallow Bunny" parka/hoodie in pink.
38. AP's "Marshmallow Bunny" ring in pink.
39. Btssb's "Alice bunny ear" headdress in pink.
40. Btssb's round collar pull over cutsew in pink.
41. AP's "Wonder Cookie" wristcuffs in pink.
42. AP's "Cherry Berry Bunny" bolero in red.
43. Btssb's "Usakumya" wristband in white.
44. Btssb's "Usakumya" wristband in pink x2.
45. AP's "Rose Ribbon" cutsew in lavender.
46. AP's "Dream Fantasy" tote bag in pink.
47. AP's "Dream Sky" melty moon necklace in pink.
48. AP's "Dream Sky" melty moon ring in pink.
49. AP's "Dream Sky"  tights in sax.
50. AP's "Dream Sky" tights in lavender.
51. Btssb's "Take a Walk with Usakumya-chan" heart bag in white.
52. Aatp's vest in black.
53. AP's shoulder pouchette in navy.
54. AP's "Sweet Biscuit" shoulder bag in beige.
55. AP's "Royal Chocolate" 3 way bag in pink.

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